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June 2013 - Press release - New GSA executive elected in June 2013
Colin Vaughan takes over presidency of the GSA from Freddie White for the period 2013 through to 2015.
Date  4 July 2013


Contact  Lalit Khatwani (Secretary – Gibraltar Society of Accountants)
GSA elects a new executive committee for 2013-2015


At the recent AGM held on Monday 24 June 2013, the Gibraltar Society of Accountants (“GSA”) elected a new executive committee, including a new President, for the forthcoming two years.

Freddie White, the outgoing President passed the baton on to Colin Vaughan, who was duly appointed at the AGM, together with his colleague Lalit Khatwani as Secretary/Treasurer. Ian Collinson was appointed as Deputy President of the Society.

The outgoing executive committee were thanked by Freddie, whose successor Colin insisted that “the GSA would continue to look after the interests of the accounting profession in Gibraltar, and expected the new committee to work tirelessly for the benefit of all its members”.

The GSA is the only established accountancy body in Gibraltar and currently has over 250 members and about 50 students registered to the Society. Its main purpose is to represent, lobby and promote matters relevant to the accounting professional locally.

Other members of the executive committee that were elected were: Desiree McHard, Neil Rumford, Michael Harvey, Joseph Canilla and Daniel Delgado.



Notes to the editors

The Gibraltar Society of Accountants (“GSA”), formerly known as the Gibraltar Society of Chartered and Certified Accountancy Bodies (“GSCCAB”), was founded on 24 February 1982. The GSA is the only established accountancy body in Gibraltar. At present, there are over 250 registered members and about 50 student members.

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