This area of the GSA website focuses on those individuals currently studying towards completing a degree and student accountants employed in Gibraltar.

Student accountants
You are currently employed in Gibraltar and are studying towards a full qualification with one of either the ACCA, ICAEW, ICAS, ICAI, or CIPFA. You are eligible for GSA membership upon qualification and paying your annual membership fees. If you have recently qualified, please see the Membership page.

Undergraduate students
If you are in university, or have recently graduated, and are considering a career in accountancy in Gibraltar, you can use this page to understand what Gibraltar has to offer you and how to go about finding the right job for you.

Opportunities in Gibraltar
As a continuously developing jurisdiction, there is a need for accountants across all industries, including within audit and accountancy practice firms in Gibraltar.

Firms are constantly looking to recruit junior accountants who have aspirations to qualify as a professional accountant in Gibraltar. Alternatively, some firms are also looking to recruit degree level students who do not wish to pursue further study but choose to start work without studying towards a professional qualification.

Many students choose to start their working lives by studying for a professional qualification whilst working at a firm of accountants, however in Gibraltar, this can be done through working in the accounting department of any firm in Gibraltar that has a need for a student accountant.

The types of jobs available for undergraduates range from accountancy companies, to law firms, banks, insurance companies, automotive companies, funds, and gaming companies. Depending on the needs of the relevant employer, you will be able to study towards a professional qualification whilst working.

Getting a job
Interested students should seek out possible job opportunities by doing the following:

Creating a suitable Curriculum Vitae (CV)
- Reviewing the Gibraltar Chronicle for possible vacancies
- Signing up to recruitment agents, and providing them with your CV in order to them to assist you to get an interview
- Contacting firms directly, through their website or by finding their contact details within the Gibraltar Directory.

Preparing for an interview

- Ensure you know the contents of your CV and can discuss any point on it in detail.
- Review the company website in detail and make notes as to what the company does, and what work you may want to do should you get offered a job there.
- Ensure you are up to date with all relevant Gibraltar business matters, including the hot topics affecting businesses around the world - if you are doing well on an interview it is very normal for an employer to try and challenge your thinking and a evidence of a sound understanding of business issues will work to your advantage.

Summer job opportunities
A great CV builder is for you to try and gain some experience by working at a firm and trying to get some accounting work experience under your belt during the summers between finishing your A-Levels and graduating.

Many firms in Gibraltar look to take on a number of students during the summer months, this serves the purpose of you getting to know what it would be like to work for an accounting firm (or similar), but it also allows your future employer to analyse what type of individual you are and whether you would fit into their business environment.

The best way to find out if there are summer job opportunities available is to visit the websites of employers and contact their HR department directly.

Good luck!