Membership fees

Membership fees for admittance to the Society, together with access to all offline/online content and discussions, are £35 per member per year.

Membership fees are applicable for one year periods. Subsequent membership renewals, which are invoiced, are charged a full year rate, regardless when paid.

Benefits of Membership

The Gibraltar Society of Accountants (“GSA”) is the only body of professional accountants in Gibraltar.

Becoming a member grants individuals the following benefits:

  • access to the full calendar of events organised by the GSA and by other bodies which members of the GSA are party to.
  • access to the individual GSA faculties, including being able to contribute and provide feedback to what you would like to see implemented in Gibraltar.
  • discounts on events and training seminars, as compared to non-paid up members.
  • immediate notification of the latest news and updates relating to the accountancy industry in Gibraltar.
  • entitlement to attend regular meetings, at which industry issues are discussed.
  • eligibility to vote at AGMs/EGMs.
  • being allowed to attend the Annual Dinner, held in May/June annually (costs apply).

Upon joining, unless you opt out, you will be added to our mailing list.

Eligibility criteria

Relevant qualification includes:

  • ACCA
  • ICAS
  • Chartered Accountants Ireland
  • Any other qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis
    (including international qualifications).

Paying membership fees

Membership forms are to be submitted, in writing and signed, together with the respective cheque or bank transfer confirmation to:

The Secretary
Gibraltar Society of Accountants
5.20 World Trade Center
6 Bayside Road
PO Box 1146

Or you can send a scanned copy of the signed application firm, together with bank transfer confirmation to:

New members must provide their “relevant qualification” together with their application (a photocopy will do).

Please make all cheques payable to: “Gibraltar Society of Accountants”

Member application

You must complete the application form and provide evidence of your certificate of your “relevant qualification”. You do not need to provide evidence of your employment. If you have previously supplied your “relevant qualification”, there is no need to re-supply it on membership renewal.