All personal information retained by the Gibraltar Society of Accountants (GSA) will be kept confidential. Other than with our professional accountancy bodies and service providers, we do not share your personal information with any individuals or third parties which are not affiliated with the GSA.

The GSA will use the personal data you provide to respond to your request for updates on information relating to the Society and to demonstrate Members’ compliance with the GSA’s membership eligibility criteria. Unless we obtain your permission, we will not use personal information for any other purpose.

We do not retain any more of your personal information than we believe is necessary for any of these purposes, we do not retain your personal information for any longer than is reasonably necessary to do so and will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is up to date, accurate and secure.

All personal information retained by the GSA is held locally and stored in a secure manner. In connection with our participation with the Professional Accountants in Europe we may be required to send information to them from time to time. By sending your personal information you consent to us making any necessary cross-border transfers of your personal information.

If you would like to update or correct your personal information or require details of the personal information retained by us please contact us by e-mail or post.

If you no longer wish to receive information from the GSA you can advise us by e-mail. The GSA reserves the right not to distribute, or discontinue distributing, to any individual.